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Providers have often adopted EVV as a stand-alone technology tool, resulting in a cluttered agency environment with multiple disparate systems. However, EVV should be viewed as the central engine that drives successful agency management. Regardless of the method of EVV, when a caregiver completes a visit, the visit is automatically associated with the schedule and authorization for the services performed.

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Additionally, plan of care tasks and duties are also captured at the time of EVV clock-out. With HHAeXchange, we are definitely prepared for the changes in value-based care and payment structure. Communication at HHAeXchange has been vital to our daily processes and the mobile app is a big part of that. The ability to blast out a message to caregivers at once is invaluable.

My billing time has been cut drastically. I better control my visits and employees, but work less at it. Examples of information that should be sent to evvok aau. In a collaborative effort to convert known Provider issues into items slated for action, MSU-AA and Sandata developed the following list that outlines upcoming or current enhancements or changes for the Santrax EVV system:. Please see the following updates copied below.

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For service codes that specify a time segment in their description, such as 15 minutes, each timed segment equals one unit. Only time spent fulfilling the service for which the provider is authorized, per OAC , shall be authorized for timed based services. Providers shall not bill for a unit of time when not more than one-half of a timed unit is performed. For example, if a unit is defined as 15 minutes, providers should not bill for services performed for less than 8 minutes. The rounding rules utilized by the IVRA and web-based billing system to calculate the billable amount of a unit are:.

Sandata continues to research rounding issues; however, the following process may assist Providers in avoiding rounding errors when entering CM data for administrative work.

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Case Managers will keep a daily log recording of administrative tasks performed in support of a Member. Therefore, schedules for these tasks will not have a call in and a call out. In order for rounding to occur with correct units, it is important for schedulers to enter time in the Santrax Field. Below is a step by step guide. In order for the schedule to be Ok to Bill and the correct units applied on the schedule, the schedule must be turned into a Confirmed status, times must be entered in the Santrax field , and Tasks entered.

Double click the schedule that was created in a Pending status b. Change status to Confirmed d. Click Save. Case Managers will keep a daily log recording administrative tasks performed in support of a Member. To create these duties in EVV:. Select Single Event from the Frequency section. Verify Pending under Status is selected.

This field does defaults to Pending. Please verify the Status is set to Pending f. Select Office for PoS. Enter the Administrative Task performed in the Comments field. Scheduling Overview : The Pending schedule needs to be confirmed for billing. In order for the schedule to be Ok to Bill , the schedule needs to be in a confirmed status and tasks entered.

Below is the a step by step guide:. Multi-caller Reference Guide : A multi-caller reference guide will be available online soon. In the meantime, you may request a copy from evvok aau. If a Member moves between branches, will their Location ID be changed? Should agencies encounter this scenario they are to contact Sandata who will make the change to Location ID.

Can admits be cancelled? Should agencies encounter this scenario, they are to contact Sandata who will make the change to Admit Type. Can Coordinators be reassigned? Should agencies encounter this scenario, they are to contact Sandata Customer Care to have them assist with reassigning Coordinators.

Thank you for you continued support as we implement the new EVV system.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): FAQs

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Provider Update #13 Transition to Sandata

Lincoln Blvd. Provider Update 13 Transition to Sandata. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Page Content1. Sandata Customer Care can be reached at Please follow these instructions when communicating with Sandata Customer Care and submitting issues through the EVV email address [ Sandata Customer Care: There are multiple customer service reps strictly dedicated to Oklahoma Providers to address concerns.

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Please include the following in the body of the email: a. Specific issue b. Examples of the issue c. Screen shots if applicable and available d. Phone number updates no address changes please. All submissions must include necessary Member identifying information to be changed.