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Read about In-Car Devices. A GPS can be a very handy device, giving you the guidance through even the more tricky routes. Our navigation range includes a car GPS so that you can drive in confidence, as well as a handheld GPS for the adventurous ones of you who like exploring the path less taken. Some GPS also come with maps, so make sure to get one that will have you exploring in no time. If you hate getting stuck in traffic, some of the navigation systems can detect what will be the fastest route for you to avoid traffic, as well as speed camera warnings, school zone warnings and more! To find the right GPS for your car make sure to have a good look through our selection, with the range of different features to help you find your destination.

Have a browse through our range online and be prepared just in case you have to file a claim with your insurance. The entry-level MiVUE dash cam is affordable and can make insurance claims easier by providing clearer images and information. Enjoy hands-free calling, MyDrive and real-time services by easily connecting to your smartphone with Bluetooth.

Navman Drive Duo 2. Finding destinations is simple from the Search menu or by touching a point on the map. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you update without a computer. Voice controlled hands-free calling and smartphone messages offer connectivity with safety. No matter what's lurking ahead or behind you, Uniden's LRD radar detectors protect you in both directions. LRD radar detectors from Uniden, don't dare drive without one.

This dedicated GPS navigator includes innovative driver alerts to help increase your situational awareness and preloaded travel points of interest. Offering a safer way to access most needed smartphone functions while behind the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road with the Hudway Glass. The Hudway Glass Head-Up Display is able to turn any smartphone into a portable head-up display for your car. Shop Browse Products.


Hot Deals! Headphones and Speakers. See all Headphones and Speakers. In this guide, you will be able to find a number of GPS systems that will make travel much more straightforward. Please read our entire review in order to find out what car GPS system is best for your needs. Before we unveil the best GPS for your car, we would like to first walk you through the various features that qualify for making a GPS unit one of the best available:.

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As a result, you will not have to divert too much attention away from your driving while you receive driving instructions and directions. Map and Directions Clarity: The next feature that you should consider is how simple is it to comprehend the directions provided on the screen. What is the map clarity like?

Is there an automated voice that provides oral instructions as well? Additional Alerts: The best GPS systems can provide drivers with other alerts such as traffic, speed warnings, red lights, school zones, etc. The additional alerts are a terrific feature as they allow the driver to get around town more carefully and safely.

Therefore, it is a really dependable GPS system that is good at keeping a connection and providing up to the second directions. It will quickly calculate the best route after a destination is established, then get you there without harm and on-time. The device features a visual map, animation, and voice indication for your preferred way to receive directions. It is preinstalled with the latest maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Updates are provided for the lifetime of the unit and at no additional cost.

It also quickly corrects if you miss a turn and adjusts with the best alternative route in real-time. The voice prompts are very comprehensive and help get you to a destination safely. It is one of the most clear displays on the market for car GPS navigation systems. The touchscreen is very responsive and easy to use even with bigger fingers. The unit is shipped with a sunshade so you can view the screen during intense daylight hours. The visual cues are simple with a map of the starting point, the final destination, as well as estimated time until arrival.

Driver Alerts The system features several different Smart Reminders. Driver alerts include voice announcements or visual displays on enlarged maps that zoom into complex intersections and other troublesome areas. It also reminds you of the speed limit.

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  • Drivers may receive notifications of upcoming gas stations, stores, schools, red lights, or high speed cameras. There is also a user manual to learn about anything regarding the device. Anorex features a really good warranty. The company will provide after-service care for five years of use in the United States. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee and 2 year full warranty. For starters, the graphics on the display are incredibly clear. The maps are shown in a way that it is easy for you to understand where you currently are and what you need to do next on the road.

    It uses landmarks and similar tactics to provide quick reference in real-time. It allows you to activate a number of features on the system by simply using your voice. Still, it is a useful tool to have while driving and the Garmin DriveSmart appears to have mastered the technology as well as any device. Display The Garmin DriveSmart 60 boasts a decent size display at six inches.

    The screen is also bright and easy to distinguish even in full sunlight. Users may also zoom in on various spots of the maps via the touchscreen.

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    Driver Alerts There are a number of driver alerts available with the device. These include alerts for speed, when you are entering a school zone, traffic alerts, sharp curves, and other potential road hazards. For instance, you can program the device so that you get text and phone call notifications while you are driving.

    You can even get app alerts. Its 8GB of memory is excellent for storage of maps. The GPS is extremely well rounded with free lifetime map updates. The variety of features makes it easy to use for just about any type of driver — novice or seasoned travel pro.

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    Every purchase of the unit includes lifetime updates of its maps for free. All you need to do is contact the manufacturer and request an update. The touchscreen is massive and very responsible. It is easy to read maps in places you are unfamiliar with and reach your destination without hassle and on-time. The GPS unit supports multiple languages for Spanish speaking drivers. It is also possible to customize your route based on the height, length, or weight restrictions of the road.

    Ordinary drivers will not have a use for this road, however, if you haul big loads or trailers frequently it is extremely resourceful.

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    It informs a driver of upcoming sharp curves, school zones, speed limit changes, nearby red lights, speed cameras, and more. The number of driver alerts is diverse, and competitive with any other navigator on the market. So you have everything needed to charge and mount the system wherever you so desire on the console of your car. The sunshade also helps you see the screen during the intense mid-day hours where the sun is really bright and distracting. The product also has a 90 days money back guarantee in addition to its lifetime warranty.

    You can feel rest assured investing in this affordable GPS system with a stellar reputation. The screen is clear and provides incredibly concise directions.

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    The device gets rid of any unnecessary details so you will be able to focus on the road more easily. The navigation system is perfect for the modern user.

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    As a result, you will have no trouble at all finding popular hangouts. The Direct Access feature also ensures that the airports and shopping malls in your area get located quickly. However, the navigator system has been knocked in the past for needing to get refreshed for longer routes as it sometimes gets confused after hours of driving. Display The touchscreen on the display responds promptly to your commands. It also has the additional benefit of offering up a dual, split screen.

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