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Shoppers in the market for a 3-row crossover will find November a significantly better time to buy a Toyota Highlander. With a major See More Hot Deals. The Hyundai Sonata just received a wild redesign for , and whenever a Hyundai model makes a change, its mechanical cousin from See More Upcoming Models. APR starting at 0. Breaking Automotive News.

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The front-engine, The Chevrolet Corvette has officially been delayed until February , reports Autoblog. Chevrolet confirmed the news to the See More Breaking Automotive News. Popular Car Comparisons. Three-row utility vehicles come in all shapes and sizes these days. Ford Edge vs. Ford Explorer.

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With some automakers offering multiple utility vehicles that compete in a single segment, certain brands have become one-stop shops Both the Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer have followed similar paths. Both SUVs were once based on rugged pickup trucks, offering Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. The Ford Escape and Ford Explorer continue to be its two best-selling utility vehicles. Both offer all-wheel drive, utility, and an Bad Credit Auto Loans Cosigner Requirement Questions Answered If you have bad credit, a lender may require you to have a cosigner in order to approve you for a car loan.

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Photo Credit: eBay. Suggested By: Nibby4WD. Why it works: There is a lot of hate for AutoTrader around here, and that's understandable.

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  • Their listings attract people who severely overvalue their cars. Photo Credit: AutoTrader. Suggested By: teampenske3. Why it works: If you're looking for a classic car and not just a used car, Hemmings is the place to go.

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    They've got everything from "I found this old frame in my barn" to "I restored my grandpa's midget racer" to "here's my super clean Mustang. Photo Credit: Hemmings.

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    Suggested By: Gamecat Why it works: BaT casts a wider net than Hemmings, but if you're looking for something cool and old, from rusty station wagon project cars to perfectly restored Saab Sonnet IIs, Bring a Trailer is where you want to go. Photo Credit: Bring a Trailer. Suggested By: Aienan.

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    Why it works: Those of you who live in the frigid wastelands of Canada are already acquainted with Kijiji , which means "village" in Swahili. Great cars for sale and a good user interface makes it like Craigslist but better.

    It's also owned by eBay. Photo Credit: Kijiji.

    Suggested By: Supersport. Why it works: That every car gets national exposure makes it harder to find a great deal yourself, but eBay Motors is generally more reliable and easier to deal with than Craigslist.

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    It's also good when you already know what you want, and you're looking for something very specific. Suggested By: dogisbadob. Why it works: Clear user interface, good search function, and links to Carfax and Kelly Blue Book straight from the site are all plusses for Cars.