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Background Checks

In some instances an applicant's credit history is reviewed. Credit reports contain information on a person's payment history, outstanding debts, judgments and liens, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Some agencies may disqualify applicants based on their credit histories.

Arizona caregiver background check

If employment is denied due to a background check, the law requires agencies to disclose this to the applicant. If the rejection is based on a credit report, the agency must supply the name, address and phone number of the company that provided the information that led to disqualification.

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Skip to main content. Purpose People who employ the services of caregivers are generally vulnerable and incapable of caring for or defending themselves.

Who needs to register under the Home Care Law?

Process Though protocols may vary, the background check process is usually simple and straightforward. Information Included Caregiver background checks usually focus on an applicant's criminal past.

Considerations If employment is denied due to a background check, the law requires agencies to disclose this to the applicant. Contractors Education code also requires any employer who provides certain services under contract to school districts to certify that no employee who renders those services and who may come in contact with pupils has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. These services include janitorial, administrative, landscaping, transportation, food services, or "similar services.

What Is a Caregiver Background Check?

Community Care Licensees The California State Health and Safety Code requires the California Department of Social Services CDSS to obtain a criminal history of all applicants, licensees, adult residents, volunteers under certain conditions and employees of community care facilities who have contact with clients. An exemption is defined as a CDSS authorized written document that "exempts" an individual from the requirement of having a clear criminal record. In some circumstances, the individual will be permitted to work in the facility while the exemption is being evaluated.

What services are covered and require a HCA to register and HCO to be licensed in California?

In other cases, such as with felony convictions or violent misdemeanors, the individual must be removed from the facility. CBCB also examines arrest records to determine if there is a possible danger to clients. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

These services include assistance in the following areas:.

Home Care Services - Major Changes in the Caregiver Industry

The commencement date of the law was extended to January 1, It regulates the number of consecutive hours for home health care workers and requires overtime pay for long work shifts. Upon going into effect, California became one of 16 states with some form of overtime requirement for home health workers.

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  7. Personal attendants covered by this law are now entitled to overtime pay at 1. The new law calls for the formation of an evaluation committee to review and analyze the effectiveness of overtime provision over the next 3 years. The California Department of Industrial Relations will review the law. Now, domestic workers are entitled to the minimum wage with the exception of babysitters under the age of 18 and the employer's parent, spouse, or child.