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Proposition 13 treats all California property taxes the same. Voters could change that in 2020

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Betty J. California law is very specific about non-receipt of tax bills. It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain all tax bills and pay timely. Delinquent penalties cannot be excused because you did not receive a bill prior to the due dates. Do not wait for a tax bill.

Many taxpayers must pay a penalty because their tax payment is postmarked by the post office one or more days after the deadline. When mailing your property tax payment, the envelope must reflect a post office postmark date of no later than the "pay by" or "due" date listed on the property tax bill.

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Or payments must be paid in the office of the Tax Collector no later than p. Meter dates from a business meter are not accepted for determining timely mailing. Credit card and e-check payments through ePropTax for current year secured property tax bills must be completed no later than midnight on the "pay by" or "due" date listed on the property tax bill.

NOTE: When the date to pay without penalty falls on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, the hour of delinquency is p.

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What happens if my payment is returned by the bank? If a payment is returned unpaid by your bank, regardless if made by check, e-check, credit card, etc. If you do not replace the payment and pay the returned check fee by the tax bill deadline date, the Tax Collector must collect the penalties required by State law.

Payments to replace returned checks should be in the form of cashier's check, money order or by cash in the Tax Collector's Office.

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Any receipt intended as a result of your payment is "VOID. I paid on the wrong parcel. What should I do?

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If an assessee or agent of the assessee, by mistake or by no fault of their own, pays the tax on other than the property intended, they can request that the payment be transferred to the property intended within two years of the initial payment. The request must include substantial evidence that the payment was for the intended property and the property upon which the error was made has not been sold.

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The Assessor is reducing the value of my property and I've already paid my tax bill. When will I receive my refund? Refunds of the overpayment are processed when the Assessor certifies the reduction of real property assessment to the Auditor-Controller Division. If you are due a refund, you should first contact the Assessor's Office at to verify that the value reduction has been certified, the date of that certification.

To check on the status of a refund from prior year tax overpayment due to reduction of prior year assessed values, you can contact the Tax Accounting Bureau at To check on the status of a refund from current year tax overpayment due to reduction of current year assessed values, you can contact the Tax Collection Division between a. My payment has been cashed. There may be several reasons why your payment was cashed, but Sacramento County's Online Property Tax Information system e-Prop-Tax does not reflect the installment as being paid.

Please be sure you have checked the tax bill status Information on the Tax Bill Detail page. The tax bill will not show as Paid on the Tax Bill Summary page until both installments of a two installment tax bill have been paid. The most common reason for a payment on the second installment to be cashed, but not reflect as paid, is because the first installment has not been paid. Revenue and Taxation Code does not allow the second installment to be paid before the first installment.

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays at with this question. My payment has not been cashed. Do not place a stop on a payment submitted to pay property tax bills. A returned check fee will be charged if your payment is stopped and the check is presented to your financial institution for payment.

The Tax Collector accepts and processes payments based on the postmark date. If your payment has not been posted to your tax bill, please call a tax specialist between a. Please have the following information available when you call:. Please be aware that if your payment was mailed on the delinquent date, the envelope may not have received a timely postmark by the Post Office.

Revenue and Taxation Code states we must use the postmark date as the date received. Payments with a late postmark date will be returned to the sender for payment of the penalty. The Assessor is reducing the value of my property, and I have not yet paid my tax bill. Should I pay the bill s I received? You should pay the property tax bills you received prior to the delinquent dates. Penalties may not be forgiven because you were waiting for a revised bill. If this results in a net overpayment, a refund will be sent to you.

I received a refund.

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Receiving a refund does not mean you do not owe other taxes. Refunds are issued for numerous reasons; however, other tax installments or tax bills may be outstanding. To learn more about why you received the refund, please call the phone number listed on the stub portion of the refund check that you received.

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Penalties incurred on tax bill installments cannot be waived because you received a refund and believed no other taxes were owed. Connect with Sacramento County. Translation Disclaimer. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Sign In.

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