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While the magistrate I observed was very mild-mannered, there was little dialogue and no questions about financial need.

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After the magistrate sets bail, everyone files out of the courtroom and sits in another waiting room where there are a few collect-call-only telephones, some open-air toilet stalls, and watchful deputies. On that Thursday evening, a dozen people filled out forms for public defenders. Those who have the cash can visit the Bank of America ATM conveniently located outside the courtroom in order to pay bail and go home. Both Daves and Thompson say that they were never told why they were being arrested during or after their arraignments. The time lag, however, is substantial.

If you are accused of a felony, you can expect to wait longer, often at least two or three weeks. This is how long the prosecutors have to determine whether to try a case. Getting transferred to another city or county can mean a day wait before you even arrive at your final destination. Daves says that the deputies in the jail are supposed to ask people how long they have been locked up periodically to ensure that everyone is getting their case heard.

According to the ACLU, this long waiting period encourages people to plead guilty to get let out. Ninety-four percent of criminal charges end in a plea across all state courts, which makes sense when you consider that, for many people, a plea agreement means immediate release. Challenging your arrest will mean more time in jail.

For further information, arrestees are told to contact their lawyer. Most people who cannot afford bail will be assigned a public defender; Daves included. The process is entirely analog. How will you know? At this point, he had spent about a week in jail.

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Bail bondsmen can revoke your bail for nearly any reason, including the inability to pay. He was also required to be electronically monitored during his release. Daves, on the other hand, was locked alone in her solitary cell where she recalls hearing people screaming and kicking the walls of their cells. She says she was not allowed outside to exercise. According to the lawsuit, this arrangement violates due process. The Supreme Court long ago established that people could not be held in jail because of their inability to pay fines. But, the bail system gets around this requirement often because it is difficult to challenge.

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A similar lawsuit was successfully litigated in Harris County, where, in , a federal court held in a nearly page opinion that misdemeanor defendants all needed to be released within hours if they could not afford cash bail. These are being used in many counties, including Travis, but Dallas County has yet to implement anything other than the schedule to guide magistrates in setting bail. A study by Stanford Law School shows that people who are detained pretrial are also at a greater risk of committing another crime, even if that person never committed a crime in the first place.

At the time she was arrested, it was one of those frigid nights when temperatures dipped into the 20s.

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She was wearing a coat and several layers. She says she never got those items back. Anything that does not fit in the small bag at arrest is placed in an off-site property room. As for Thompson, he still works to make his payments to the bondsman. But the stakes remain high. Browse all newsletters here.

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Photo by Alex Macon. A bail bond company, one of many along Riverfront Boulevard in Dallas.

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Local News. Newsletter Get a weekly recap in your inbox every Sunday of our best stories from the week plus a primer for the days ahead. Find It Search our directories for Related Content. Nov 16, 0. During her tenure as sheriff, Lupe Valdez issued a policy on how transgender people should be treated in the Dallas County jail.

But according to Valerie Jackson, those guidelines were ignored when she was arrested two years ago.

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And since Jackson filed suit against Valdez, current Sheriff Marian Brown, the county and several specific deputies earlier this month, others have come forward with similar stories. Jackson was arrested at Dallas Love Field in when screeners found a gun in her purse. She said that she was carrying the weapon because she was being stalked, and police had told her they were unable to do anything about the stalker unless something happened, so she felt compelled to protect herself.

Then when she was leaving on vacation, she simply forgot to take the gun out of her purse before heading to the airport. Jackson was later no-billed by a Dallas County grand jury, and all charges were dropped. But after being processed as a woman, a male nurse at the jail asked Jackson about her menstrual cycle.

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An officer asked Jackson if she had had a sex change, and Jackson said yes. The policy says deputies can conduct a strip search only if contraband is suspected or with a written request or a court order. After the incident, Jackson spoke to Capt. Jackson said Knight apologized for the incident and told her it was a training issue. She gave Jackson her cell number and said if it happened again to have intake personnel call her. It did happen a second time.

That charge was dismissed as well, but when guards at the county jail repeated their treatment of Jackson, she requested they call Knight. They refused. Once she was released, Jackson filed a formal complaint. Jayla Wilkerson is a Dallas County assistant D. She also met with Capt. Wilkerson said she was already thinking about leaving the D.

Others come forward As a result of this lawsuit, not only has Dallas County lost an experienced assistant D. The woman described her ex as abusive, both emotionally and physically. When he started attacking her, she recorded the incident on her phone before calling But when the police arrived, they explained to her that in a domestic abuse situation, someone was going to jail, and because the only visible mark on either of them was the mark she left on him when she tried to fend him off by biting him, she was the one going to jail in this instance.