How to identify a phone number

Enter the phone number into a reverse phone number search or look-up website.

A reverse phone number search is a website for when you already know the phone number and are looking to find out the name, address or location. A reverse phone number look-up is a user-supplied database of phone numbers from different types of people, such as telemarketers and scam artists. Additional information may include messages from other users who have been called from the same phone number. Find more information from the phone number's area code and three-digit prefix.

If you can't find the owner of a specific phone number, you can still find the general area of location by looking up the area code. After you know where the general area is, use a search engine, such as Google, to look up the area three-digit prefix which may reveal the phone number's city. By the time you know the city and state, you may suddenly recall why a person from this area would call you and identify the owner of the phone number.

Most owners of numbers will provide business information and the purpose of their call.

If the company fails to provide information but continues to call you, file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. Look up the toll free number in an online directory. Most of these websites contain numbers voluntarily submitted by businesses. Enter the toll free number, press search and review the individualized results.

If the number is listed in the directory, information will be displayed in the results.

Enter the number in an online search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Experiment using several formats such as using hyphens and parentheses to separate the numbers. All Rights Reserved.

How to Use Google to Find Phone Numbers

Want more data? Run a background check to view their location history, social media profiles, and even criminal records So, want to know how to trace a phone number? An Unknown Caller Keeps Ringing Have you ever had an unknown number call your phone only to hang up without leaving a message? Just answer the phone and find out who is calling you, right? Telemarketers and sales calls can confirm the line is active and repeatedly call back Scammers and con artists have made thousands by bamboozling innocent targets Stalkers primarily use cell phones to terrorize their prey Predators randomly call numbers to find victims But not every unknown caller has sinister intentions.

Investigate The Area Code An area code may reveal more about your caller than you think. Trace An Unknown Number The easiest and most efficient way to safely find the identity of a mystery caller is to use a Reverse Phone Lookup. You could also uncover other information, such as: Education and Job History Where available, you could find out where someone went to school, or where somebody works.

Social Media Profiles Is someone calling your significant other at all hours of the night?

How To Trace A Phone Number

Wouldn't you like to know what they look like? Now you can. If they have social media profiles attached to their phone number, they may appear on a Reverse Phone Lookup report. Just enter a name in the box below to get started: Here are some of the benefits of using a Reverse Phone Lookup : Facebook is a two-way street.

Do a quick reverse phone number lookup to find out who's calling

Search results may include a name and a map of their location. Get the upper hand on scammers. Perhaps you received a legitimate sounding message from your bank. Look it up! When available, reverse phone records will tell you immediately if the number is legit, or if you may be the target of fraud.

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Always report fraudulent phone calls to the authorities and your bank. Protection is the best prevention, and should these swindlers try to drain your savings, a bank that has been alerted will take steps to block any suspicious transactions.