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If you claim and exemption or disqualifications, please do so immediately upon receipt of your summons.

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Please circle the appropriate number, then sign and date the summons and return it to the County Clerk. A recorded message will provide information regarding any cancellation of the jury panel. If you have any questions call Monday - Friday between the hours of a.

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Please note that our office does not provide updates for a jury panel summoned by District Clerk. Qualifications and Exemptions. Please read through the rules below, paying close attention to Part 5 regarding the filing of documents that contain sensitive date, if the data is not specifically required by statute or court rule.

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Docket No. Part 2 of order above. If you are appearing in court for a hearing within 24 hours of filing thru e-File, you will need to provide a courtesy copy of the filing to the court. Texas Court Help Spanish. E-File Texas Self Help. Request for Certified Copy of Marriage License.

Caldwell County Arrest Records by City

Caldwell County Texas. Agendas and Minutes. Foreclosure Notices. Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Precinct 4. Juvenile Probation Adult Probation. Audited Statements Monthly Statements. Job Openings. County Clerk. North Carolina public records were created starting in the year , and usually include information from all counties in the state.

Caldwell County, NC

As digitization of public records has become standard over the last 30 years, governmental and third party websites are able to offer these records online with increased reliability. This is the commitment of the state, and the nation: to offer these records in a transparent and immediate manner in an effort to better maintain a free and just society for all. Public records in North Carolina can be difficult to find.

Government records are usually kept by the department that created them, and some require fees. North Carolina considers DWIs to be serious offenses with strong punishments. Even first time offenders can expect to face penalties that can affect them for years.

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Learn what to expect from a DWI here. The police of North Carolina rely on arrest records to offer eye witness accounts of events that led to an arrest. North Carolinians enjoy the right to freely look for and study governmental records. This right is provided by the FOIA. The citizens of Wake are able to look up and obtain public, criminal, court, and arrest records.

Guilford County is the third largest county in the state. The people of Cumberland are subject to the state freedom of information laws.

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Durham is the sixth biggest county in the state, and holds a city of the same name. Last Name:. North Carolina Public Records The citizens of North Carolina are guaranteed the right to seek out, obtain and utilize public records held by the authoritative bodies of the state, their county, their municipality, or their city.