How do i check my static ip

We are working to update all customer billing statements to include their purchased speeds.

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Dynamic IPs are subject to change for a number of reasons. This type of IP address is pulled out of a pool of available addresses within the Sparklight Business system. Static IPs are available in 1, 5 and 13 block configurations. A compatible Gateway is required for static IP addresses. The customer's Static IP is always the same, which is a necessity when you are running a web server, mail server or any piece of equipment that needs to have the same IP address every time you access it.

In order to take advantage of our fastest speeds, there are certain infrastructure requirements that you may need to check. To reach speeds over Mbps, you will need to use a D3 modem.

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Router: If you are using your own router, is the equipment you own capable of reaching max speeds? Confirm that your equipment is rated to handle speeds greater than Mbps.

Network configuration

Standard Cat5 Ethernet cable may hinder your ability to go over Mbps. Devices: Are the devices that are you using to connect to the data service capable of reaching Mbps or greater speeds? Check to see if your computers or wireless devices are gigabit capable or equipped with gigabit Ethernet adapters. Firewall: Is your firewall limited in terms of the traffic it can accommodate?

How to Assign a Static IP Address in Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, or Vista

If your IT personnel installed a firewall, they can tell you if there are any limitations on the amount of traffic that can be routed to the internet. If you have any questions about whether or not you can support our fastest speeds, be sure to check with your IT personnel or give us a call at If you need to power cycle your modem as part of your internet connection troubleshooting, follow the steps below.

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If these steps do not work to restore your services, please call us at One static IP must be used as a gateway to the Internet. You can use the remaining static IP addresses for your own hosts.

What Is IPv6?

To use your own domain name with your Fiber service, update your DNS record with your domain hosting provider to direct traffic to your new Fiber IP address assignments. If you already have static IPs assigned to your business, you won't be able to use them with Fiber. You must use the static IPs we assign to you.

You can change your service between zero, one, and multiple static IPs.

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You might experience a brief outage in your service five minutes or less when your plan changes. To change your service, call us at Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Fiber Contact us. However, you might need static IPs if one or more of these scenarios applies to you: You maintain your own web server or other Internet server, such as an email server, that requires users to connect from the Internet.

You have external devices or services that must connect to your network via IP address for example, While you can set static IP addresses directly on your devices and this article has shown you how to do just that on Windows PCs , we still recommending setting up static IP addressing on your router if possible. It will just make life easier.

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Static vs. For example: You have a device like a home media server, say that you want to be able to find reliably and you or other devices prefer to locate it by IP address.