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The newsgroups are filled with posts from people who have bought into the idea. Look around the rec.

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Here's typically how the deal works. Then you'll receive a catalog filled with second rate car audio companies and a few good pieces of equipment. Your coupon will usually be for a free pair of subwoofers.

They'll ask for your first, second and third choice guess which one you will get. Then the fun begins. It's fee time. Order fees, shipping fees, handling fees, processing fees and on and on. By the time you complete your order you might as well have bought at retail. And don't expect them to have a toll free number with friendly operators waiting to serve you. If you even get someone on the phone you'll most likely be treated rudely. Don't expect speedy shipping times either. Long delays are the norm and they're often "out of stock", especially on the good brands.

Before even considering sending money to these "clubs" you need to do your homework.

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Search the newsgroups and forums and ask questions. They're not afraid to dish the dirt on companies that don't deliver. Listen to what they have to say. You should also consider calling the Better Business Bureau in the company's home state. They can tell you how many complaints they have received on that company. Make sure you have the name as well as the address. They may be known under a different name.

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If you've joined one of these "clubs" and can't get satisfaction with them then your only resort may be to get the Feds on their case. Make sure you know exactly what the problem is before involving the authorities. If their people are rude, that's not a Federal crime. If they promised delivery in two weeks or 30 days if no time is specified and they don't deliver and don't give you the option of canceling your order that may be a Federal crime.

See the above web pages. Have you seen those ads and eBay auctions promising to show you how to buy wholesale? How they're going to "blow the lid off the industry" and reveal the insider secrets "the stores don't want you to know". How about they "just want to help the little guy" and "order now before the corporate giants shut them down". Sounds good doesn't it? Too bad it's a bunch of garbage. The only thing they're selling is a list of wholesalers and a few tips on how to deal with them.

Some of the tips involve being dishonest and outright lying in order to buy wholesale. It makes you wonder about their character doesn't it? These ads are meant to prey on the naivety of good people by selling a bunch of hype. And they've been doing it for years. That's who the major manufacturers deal with, not with the average consumer.

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Save your money and follow some of the real money saving tips I'm providing you in this chapter. Other sources of wholesale product are available and you don't need to join anything to get them. One source that may surprise you is eBay.

How to Buy Car Audio at Wholesale Prices

Competition has driven down many of the prices on new equipment to near wholesale levels. Dealers will often put excess inventory on eBay and sell it for a few dollars over wholesale.

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Many do this to lower the price on the equipment they buy for their stores. They may only need three of something but if they buy ten the price will drop dramatically. Start a car stereo business in your town. Connect instantly with behind the scenes master wholesale car audio distributors. Get the best car audio brands, fast shipping to your store. Drop shipping is available for those who sell online! The biggest and best wholesale car audio distributors will contact your business directly within just 24 hours of signing up!

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For those of you who sell car audio online, dropshipping is available. You sell it and our network of wholesale distributors will dropship the products directly to your customer. Call Become a dealer [ This weeks below wholesale specials on car audio gear. Wholesale only. Tax id required. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Auto Performance Parts Products. Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet 2 Products. Bluetooth Accessories 1 Products.

Car Audio Products. Car Security Products. Cell Phone Accessories 35 Products. Guitar Amplifier 29 Products. Home Theater Products. Microphones Products. Personal Audio 5 Products.

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