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Montgomery County Arrest Records by City

Although the public record law requires no specific language to make a request, the requester must at least identify the public records he is requesting with sufficient clarity to allow the Township to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If it is not clear what records the requester is seeking, the Township must ask the requester for clarification and should assist in revising the request by informing the requestor of the manner in which the Township keeps its records. The Township will evaluate each public record request to estimate the length of time required to gather the records.

If feasible to do so, the Township will immediately satisfy routine requests. If the request is deemed significantly beyond routine, such as seeking a voluminous number of copies or requiring extensive research, the acknowledgement must include the following:. A public records request from a person who is incarcerated pursuant to a criminal conviction or juvenile adjudication normally requires permission from the Judge or court who sentenced the requester before the Township can release the record. Public records are available for inspection during regular business hours, with the exception of published holidays, and are available for prompt inspection.

The Township will make available, within a reasonable time period, copies of public records. The Township will permit a requester to choose to have a public record reproduced on paper, on the same medium in which it is kept, or on any other medium that can reasonably be duplicated.

If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the Township will redact the exempt portions and release the rest. If there are redactions, the Township will accompany each redaction with a supporting explanation, including legal authority.

Montgomery County Arrest Records by City

All exemptions to openness are to be construed in their narrowest sense. According to Ohio law, the requester seeking a copy of the public record has no right to make his own copies.

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If a public records request is denied, the Township will complete a Completed Public Records form RC setting forth why the Township is denying the request and provide a copy of the completed form to the requester. Butler Township recognizes the legal and non-legal consequences of failure to respond properly to a public records request.

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Butler Township charges those seeking public records with only the actual cost of duplicating the public record, including the actual cost the Township pays to private contractors for duplicating or mailing services, if required. The Township may require payment in advance for the cost involved in providing the copy of the public record. Requesters may ask that documents be sent to them by mail or by other means of delivery or transmission. The court has boundaries of the City of Dayton. The court has subject matter jurisdiction over a violation of any ordinance of the City of Dayton; any state of Ohio statutory misdemeanor or traffic violation committed in Dayton; and jurisdiction to preside over preliminary hearings for felony cases that occur in the City of Dayton.

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Five full-time judges serve on the Dayton Municipal Court. Each judge is elected on a nonpartisan ballot to serve a six-year term of office. Judges must be attorneys, required to have practiced law for a minimum of six years and be residents of the City of Dayton.

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All judges are sworn to administer justice in every case and to ensure that the cases before them are conducted in an impartial and equitable manner. Annually, the judges elect a Presiding Judge and an Administrative Judge. These judges meet regularly with the Court Administrator to review the operations and policies of the court.

Two full-time magistrates are appointed by the court to hear certain civil cases, small claims cases, eviction procedures and initial appearances for defendants summoned in for arraignment.

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They also preside over minor traffic and criminal cases. The administrative, professional, technical and clerical functions of the court are provided by 55 court employees. Support positions include a court administrator, magistrates, legal assistant, court technology manager and IT technical support coordinator, probation officers, assignment coordinators, bailiffs, marshal, secretaries , paralegals, and electronic home detention officers.