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Under Florida law, no student can be suspended for unexcused tardiness, lateness, absence or truancy. Q: Can my school expel me for being undocumented? A: No, the U. Supreme Court has ruled that a school cannot expel you based on the fact that you are undocumented. The goal is to set standards for reasonable responses when students act out. While Florida law requires zero tolerance policies to apply equally to all students regardless of their economic status, race, or disability, [18] zero tolerance policies often lead to:.

Q: Am I eligible for a waiver of discipline or expulsion? A: Possibly. You may be entitled to a waiver of discipline or expulsion related to drug possession if you: 1 offer information leading to the conviction of your supplier or if you voluntarily disclose your unlawful possession prior to arrest, and 2 complete a state-licensed drug-abuse program. Q: Can I appeal a decision based on zero tolerance policies? Students cannot be expelled for actions that occur off-campus that do not affect the school environment. You can be suspended if you are charged with a felony or with a delinquent act that would be a felony if you were an adult, even if the alleged act takes place outside of school.

Students may be restricted, however, from extra-curricular activities such as sports based on off-campus activity because there is no constitutional right to participate in those activities. Nothing that you post online is private, not ever. What you post is one screenshot away from your family, your teachers, and your future.

What you find funny or clever or sexy and flirty today can harm your future—your college admissions, your job, your family, or your career. Be careful what you post online. Although off-campus speech cannot typically be the basis for punishment by school officials, it can be if it disrupts the school environment. Students have been suspended, expelled, and restricted from extracurricular activities based on their online activity, including what they email, text, tweet, or post on websites or social-media platforms. For example, your school may be able to punish you for off-campus speech that makes a threat against a teacher or another student or amounts to severe harassment.

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If you are formally charged with a felony, or with a delinquent act that would be a felony if it was committed by an adult, you are entitled to a hearing before being suspended. Q: Can my school transfer me to another school?

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A: Yes, if you are suspended or expelled. Q: What are my rights as a student with a disability? Under special circumstances, schools can remove students with disabilities to an alternative educational settings for 45 days or fewer without a manifestation determination if the student:.

A: Yes, corporal punishment CP is permitted if your school district has a policy that allows it. Florida is one of fifteen states that expressly allow schools to paddle. Florida schools most often employ CP against elementary-school students. The ACLU promotes an educational system that is free from punitive disciplinary methods such as corporal punishment. We believe no child should be hit. For physical discipline to be used on a student, it must be done pursuant to a school board policy and in the presence of another adult. These arrests affect students of color and students with disabilities at disproportionately high rates.

This makes students much less likely to graduate and much more likely to be involved in the criminal-justice system as an adult. The ACLU does not think police officers should be routinely present in schools at all. Assigning police to schools leads to the criminalization of routine school discipline matters and encourages the school-to-prison pipeline. School Safety Officer A certified law enforcement officer stationed at a school who is either employed by a law enforcement agency or the school board and who has the power to make arrests on or off school board property for violations of law on school board property.

School Resource Officer A certified law enforcement officer stationed at a school who must abide by school board policies but who retains the powers and duties of a law enforcement official and is employed by a law enforcement agency. Q: Can school officials let police come into my school and question or arrest students? A: Yes, but no one can make you talk to police. If you are, respectfully do so. However, this restriction only applies to law enforcement officers.

School staff may question students with police present without providing Miranda warnings, unless the police become more involved. You do not have to speak with law enforcement officials, but refusing to answer questions to school officials may enable the school to discipline you. Be careful what you say to school officials, especially when police are present. Anything you say can be used in your school disciplinary hearing or court case. You should ask to talk to parent or lawyer before speaking if possible. In schools, school officials only need reasonable suspicion of a violation of the law or school rules to conduct a pat down for a weapon or to search you; and no warrant is needed.

For example, this requirement might be met by a student indicating that a classmate has a weapon; this would be enough reasonable suspicion for the official to conduct a pat down. Another example might be when a school official sees a student smoking and then wants to search their backpack for cigarettes. Reasonable suspicion is less demanding than the probable cause needed for police to conduct similar searches.

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While police outside of schools must have probable cause to conduct a search, school resource officers, who act as police in schools, may not need to meet this higher standard. Miranda Warnings You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have a right to an attorney.

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For emergencies after hours, call the school security office at Breakfast is free for all students. Lunch is free for all students who meet the income guidelines for free and reduced-price meals. A variety of a la carte items are available daily at different prices. An online service to pre-pay for lunches is available at mypaymentsplus. Students in kindergarten through 12th grade who are making their initial entry into a Florida school must present both a record of a physical examination completed within the last 12 months, and a Florida Certification of Immunization Form DH documenting age-appropriate immunizations as listed below.

The immunization record for students entering prekindergarten through 8th grade must show that he or she has met these minimal state requirements:. Younger students — those starting in pre-kindergarten and continuing through kindergarten — must submit an immunization record annually and a school entry physical examination.

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The required doses:. For students entering ninth through 11th grades, the record must show that the student has met these minimal state requirements:. For students entering 12th grade, the record must show that the student has met these minimal state requirements:. Clinic hours are a. Monday through Friday.

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