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The twisted sisters, although listed on corporation papers as heads of some of the companies used, were merely front women for the two guys. Meanwhile, records show, the two guys hiding behind them made millions.

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The business is closed. Simpson designed and approved the mailings, testimony showed. Hoyal handled the administrative chores with help from the twisted sisters. Their operation included a call center. Magistrate Judge Mark D. Hoyal admitted his role in court, while Simpson continued to deny involvement. The court found that hundreds of cease and desist letters the companies received from lawyers working for affected periodicals were routinely ignored. Similarly, warnings by various regulators also were ignored. All involved are banned forever from the direct mail business. When they did send money in for renewals — as they were supposed to — the scammers recruited helpers to pull subscription cards out of magazines and fill in the consumer information for hundreds of orders.

Watchdog tip: What did I learn from this case? In our household we get several dozen magazines and newspapers each month.

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I learned to always make sure I pay the periodical directly and not a third-party agent. Sometimes I must double-check the address on the return envelope in a quick web search to make sure it leads to the periodical.

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His goal is to save readers time, money and aggravation. Moore was sentenced to death in in the fatal shooting of an elderly store clerk during a Houston robbery. Texas voters approved nine amendments to the state constitution, including a proposal making it harder to enact a personal income tax. One amendment was rejected. While voters supported most changes to the Texas Constitution, they opposed a measure that would allow elected municipal judges to work in more than one jurisdiction. An exasperated U.

District Judge Janis Graham Jack found the state in contempt of court for failing to comply with some of her earlier orders in the wide-ranging lawsuit filed on behalf of Texas foster children. The wave of endorsements comes four days after O'Rourke dropped out of the race — and as Castro searches for a path forward for his cash-strapped campaign.

Miguel Gutierrez Jr. Texas voters approve state income tax ban, most other constitutional amendments.

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Sylvester Turner to face Tony Buzbee in runoff for Houston mayor. Texas constitutional amendment election results. State to take over Houston ISD by replacing school board and superintendent. Latest News. Laura Skelding for The Texas Tribune. Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune. The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors. Illustration by Miguel Gutierrez Jr.

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