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This can often minimize the impact of divorce on both the parties and their children. It is important for all parties involved in a mediated divorce to be fully informed of their legal rights and obligations. Consulting with an attorney at Curran Moher Weis regarding mediation enables you to make informed decisions.

Our attorneys are capable of mediating a divorce or attending the mediation on behalf of a client seeking support. Whether you are seeking to litigate, collaborate, or mediate we can ensure that you understand your legal rights during your divorce. Our experienced legal team can help you reach an agreement that best serves the long-term interests of you and your family. Call us today at or request a consultation to speak with an experienced Virginia family law attorney at Curran Moher Weis. Family Law Practices. Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Virginia For couples a divorce is the most emotionally, financially, and legally difficult situation they will ever encounter.

In the circuit clerk's listing, mediators indicate their fees, their background and training. Family mediators are social workers, counselors, attorneys and others who have been trained to be family mediators. What if more legal advice is needed?

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Be sure to talk with your attorney before coming to mediation. Your attorney should be available to explain your legal rights and obligations, review any agreements you reach before they are final, and answer any questions you may have. Usually, attorneys are not involved during the actual mediation session. But you should talk with your attorney before and after mediation.

Why choose mediation?

The court will also review and must approve any final agreement reached to be sure it is in the best interests of the children. What if no agreement is reached?

It is OK to reach some agreements during mediation and have the court decide other issues. If you do not reach a complete agreement on all issues, your lawyers will try to negotiate. If they do not resolve the issues, you will go to court. The judge will then decide how your children will be parented.

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Keep in mind, however, that mediation is a unique opportunity for you to decide what is best for your children and is often preferable to a judge's decision. Can I mediate and avoid going to court? Only a court can grant you a divorce and agreements regarding your children must have court approval.

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You must file a petition for divorce with the court and eventually get a decree granting the divorce and resolving matters relating to property and children. There are several ways to reach the final decree. One way is to mediate -- the parties will come to mediation and work out the terms of parenting their children or dividing up the property.

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Another way is for the parties to agree on their own. A third way is for the lawyers to work it out after consulting with you. The final way is for the court to decide. Can I mediate and not get a lawyer? We do not recommend this. Issues regarding your children, division of your property, including retirement benefits, are too important to decide without getting professional legal assistance. Mediation can help save lawyers' fees if you are able to resolve the issues without having to present evidence in court. We recommend that you retain a lawyer, have the lawyer file the necessary pleadings in court, ask the lawyer to advise you about your rights and responsibilities and prepare you for mediation.

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Then you can use mediation to try to reach agreements, once you are informed of your legal rights and responsibilities. If you do reach an agreement, your lawyer will review the agreement with you to be sure it is what you wanted. The lawyer will also put the agreement in final form for the court to review and approve. If you do not reach an agreement, the lawyer can help you prepare for the next step.

6 Mega Myths About Divorce Mediation

We also represent our clients during the mediation process and will attend mediation sessions with our clients, all in an effort to help our clients achieve their goals. We make sure our clients enter into mediation sessions fully educated and aware of assets to which they may be entitled. At the end of mediation, we aim to have our clients clearly understand their rights and responsibilities under their agreement. We will also assist in drafting the agreement. If you are not already represented by one of the attorneys in our firm, one of the firm's shareholders, is available to mediate your case.

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