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We welcome the opportunity to discuss how CBA's services can benefit you. Please feel free to call CBA's Member Services at or for additional information. It is essential that both sides of the deal publish and understand the correct information.

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Make sure you always confirm and clarify information as we are not always able to protect your commission. Include as much information as possible in the entry field. For example:.

How Do I Access The MLS If Iā€™m Not a Real Estate Agent? [#AskBP 022]

To maintain an accurate database that helps our members be more productive and successful, it is vital that members do their part to keep the status of their listings up to date. Active : An active status is an On-Market status and should be used when a valid listing exists and no offer with or without contingencies has been accepted.

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Pending : A pending status means the seller or lessor has accepted an offer from a buyer or lessee, but the deal hasn't closed yet. CBA members must change the status of a property to pending the minute a contract is executed. Once you've submitted your listings, you also must keep those listings up to date.

This means promptly removing listings that are no longer active and updating a listing's status as soon as that status changes. Members also must warrant that their listings and any changes to their listings accurately reflect the original listings and any changes to the listings.

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Please visit our Member Rules page if you need additional information. Fall is here, and that means CBA has more classes available to its members. Make sure you put your pass to good use and sign up for up to four live classes by December 31, Choose from any of our class offerings that match your interests and career goals ā€” and earn continuing education credits for your biennial license renewal.

We listened to your feedback and developed a Quick Search feature to make your listings searches faster and easier than ever before.

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Using the quick search function reduces load time for quicker results. Start a search but need to use the full functionality instead? One of many benefits you receive as a CBA member is national exposure through our partnership with Commercial Exchange CE , a national commercial real estate marketplace.

When you post a listing to the CBA database, your listing is automatically added to CE, at no extra charge. This information, just like on the CBA website, is always verified and up to date.

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What does this mean for you? And if your client wants to look at properties elsewhere in the nation, you can find up-to-date, verified listings that meet their needs, as well.

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To visit the CE database, click here. Please note that there were NO changes to Form 17 Commercial. Realist enhances the capabilities of your MLS system, giving your members the insights necessary to identify, understand and take decisive action. While our databases encompass more than 4. On top of aggregating mountains of property, ownership, and mortgage data into easy-to-consume formats, our data supply chain uses proprietary analytical technology to transform the data into new and valuable insights.

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