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On May 3, , Needelman issued an Invitation to Negotiate ITN for a contract to digitize old county records which were then being stored in a gymnasium. This ITN, which was reportedly written by BlueWare itself, allowed only eight days to submit bids, which prevented other firms the time needed to prepare.


Selection of a bid was made only 5 days later. While this was ongoing, Needelman and Ellis were competing for the Republican nomination for County Clerk. One of the major issues in the campaign was the contract Needelman had signed with BlueWare.

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It would later emerge that some of the money Needelman had arranged for BlueWare to receive was being diverted to his campaign. The primary was held on August 14, , and Ellis defeated Needelman with The suit claims that the employee was terminated in retaliation for threatening to expose Harr's "improper conduct" with "a certain government official in the State of Florida.

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Needelman and DuPree were arrested on August 15, Box Titusville, FL Phone: How Do I? Official Records View - Information. Main Categories Online Services.

Hillsborough is the fourth most populated county in Florida, and has a population larger than 10 entire states. Public records here are available to all by law. Miami-Dade is the most populated county in Florida, and the most southeastern county in the United States.

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Arrest records, court records, and public records are available by law. Because of the Florida Sunshine Law, citizens here can access public records.

Public records in this county are a matter of public record, and available to the public by law. Pinellas is home to the city of St. It is Florida's sixth largest county. Because of the Florida Sunshine Law, people of Pinellas can access government records by law.

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The Florida Sunshine Law grants Duval citizens the ability to access public records. The people here can enjoy the same freedoms of accessing public records that all Floridians are able to. Florida State Records StateRecords.

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