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Investigations Verified information to make crucial decisions in your business. Surveillance Optimal results through thorough preparation with video recorded evidence. We are committed to helping clients mitigate risk in their businesses and obtaining verified information needed to make crucial decisions.

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Insurance companies, law firms, and brand owners count on us when litigation arises. Learn More. We are trusted by more than 5, clients. I rely on Santoni Investigations for competitive intelligence, employment background checks, trademark investigations, supply chain due diligence and external theft.

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Walk-ins welcome! This fingerprinting process is superior to the ink method and greatly reduces the risk of rejected fingerprints. Fingerprint Card services are available at the following locations nationwide:. This service is utilized for individuals requiring a fingerprint based background check for employment or licensing within the state of Ohio. Click Here for a list of all Ohio locations and services.

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Many individuals are required to obtain a Livescan fingerprint based background check for employment or licensing within the state of Florida. Click Here to visit one of our convenient FastFingerprints locations throughout the state of Florida for a quick and efficient fingerprinting solution. If you are an out-of-state resident and need fingerprinting for a Florida Level 2 Livescan background check, click here for a list of locations nationwide.

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Results take a matter of days, instead of weeks or months and are mailed directly to the requested organization. This service can be utilized for in-state and out-of-state individuals that are required to have a background check for Ohio legislated purposes or an Ohio employment requirement. Some of the information includes criminal record, schooling, financial history, work history, medical records, and social media use.

Some of these laws include discrimination on race, sex, religion, disability, age, and nationality. You must also follow with the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA when running a background check with a company in the business of receiving background data. They elude how to correctly follow federal nondiscrimination laws and the FCRA. All states are different and some regulate the use of data for employment reasons.

Think of a background check as an x ray of a person that could help solve your case at a reduced price for your legal defense. Background checks is a vital investigator tool that has been used throughout history to figure out some of the most complicated cases.

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The same exact information can be compiled through the system used by law enforcement and is also used by many federal and local agencies. Background checks can ensure that a name, address, or a Social Security number are accurate.

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Our investigators use advanced technology that helps you find associations, assets, investigate businesses, visualize complex relationships, and map locations. There are a lot of online background check services out there, but prices vary as well as how up to date and comprehensive their services are.

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A lot of online services do not use all of the verifiable criminal justice agencies and law enforcement bureaus as resources to substantiate these online background checks; and if they do their methods show outdated info. Many also say that they are free background checks, but none of them ever actually are. Private Investigator and Background Checks are one of the most powerful crime fighting techniques that man kind has known. A Background Check can X Ray the subject and may solve your case at a fraction of the cost for your legal defenseā€¦ You will be satisfied Guaranteed!

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Just imagine if your are involved in a civil suit and you are able to prove that the person suing you is a criminal and have them punished for their crimes. A Background Check is an amazing tool that all investigators have utilized through out history in order to solve the most complicated cases. During the initial stages of an investigation, both time and information are limited. Law enforcement agencies need every available data resource at their disposal to quickly locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives, find missing children and solve cases.

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Traditional law enforcement background check services can take days to provide crucial information. When time and accuracy are of the utmost importance, you need reliable, instant access to a vast array of data that goes far beyond criminal background check information.

If I can provide you with a license plate and ViN, are you able to pull the car owners name, address and phone number? We will have to run a BKG search on the name of the subject.