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The classification is based on a person's conviction and criminal history. Tier I offenders are considered the least dangerous , for crimes such as voyeurism and sexual imposition. Tier III is for the most crimes, such as rape or kidnapping a minor. Tier I and Tier II sex offenders are required to register their addresses once a year with the sheriff's offices, and whenever they move. A law -- known as the Adam Walsh Act, named after the Florida boy who was abducted and killed in -- forced Tier III offenders to personally register their address every 90 days.

Deputies are required to perform spot checks every year if the address is unchanged.

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But if an address changes, the law requires deputies to verify it. Then notices are mailed to every address within a 1,feet radius of the offender's home. Since Sowell was already living on Imperial Avenue when the law changed, deputies were not required to inform his neighbors about his criminal record and Tier III status. Some Tier III offenders move three or four times each year, requiring additional verifications and notices to be mailed to new addresses, Deputy Rodney Blanton said.

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Don Michalosky, who heads the Sex Offender Unit. The office sends between 4, and 5, notices each week, but the number can be as high as 9,, Michalosky added. Two deputies and two civilian clerks perform the work. Many other counties in Ohio contract the work to a private company. Cuyahoga County began negotiations in June and is close to reaching a deal with the company to handle the mailings, Michalosky said. Hamilton County uses free labor to conduct many of its checks. Full-time deputies perform the checks, but the county also requires every special deputy to donate eight hours a month to the detail.

That allows four deputies to do the work every day, spokesman Steve Barnett said. Special deputies are sworn law enforcement officers who have a commission with arrest powers that allows them to carry a firearm. But unlike traditional deputies, they are not paid and do not typically work in a formal capacity for the county sheriff.

Most sheriffs use them to supplement their ranks for special events, such as funerals and parades. The rosters are usually filled by retired officers who use the commission to get private security jobs. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office has more than special deputies, and none perform any official work for the office. Verifying addresses is time consuming. On a recent shift, Lutz and Blanton verified about 10 addresses. Many people didn't answer doors when Lutz and Blanton knocked.

Several spoke with the deputies and confirmed that an offender lived in the home or apartment. After an address for a Tier III offender is verified, deputies leave notices on doors of immediate neighbors and at the police station and school board in the city. Lutz wishes more time could be spent verifying addresses and less on paperwork. Worth, TX. Army, Bad Kissengen, Germany. Army, Willingen, Germany. Army, Fort Sheridan, IL. Army, Fort Lewis, WA. Army, Norfolk, VA. Foster Parenting the Sexually Abused Child. Army, Fort Bragg, NC. Army, Frankfurt, Germany. Army, Fort Lee, VA.

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Army, Camp Darby, Pisa , Italy. Army, Fort Sill, OK. Army, Vicenza, Italy. Anderson and D. Army, Heidelberg, Germany. Bostrom, paper presented April 29, , at the 71st Annual meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Assoc. Devens, MA. Naval Base, Keflavik, Iceland.

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